Yes, we offer 1-1 boxing or personal training coaching. It consists of pads, technique work and drills.

Yes, we do discounts for corporate, partner training and local businesses.

We do not have private parking, but we have on street parking as it is a city centre location.

Yes we have a private shower room. This includes a hairdryer and some toiletries.

  1. All Memberships Subscriptions are a rolling 4 week period and auto renew every 4 weeks
  2. ‘No shows’ ( booking and not showing up for a class) & Late Cancellations ( cancelled within 2 hour of start time): charged €1.00 per class.. the credit is used ( lunch & PM Classes and the cutoff for AM sessions in 9pm the day before).
  3. All memberships are a rolling 4 weeks and auto renew every 4 weeks, should you wish to ‘opt out’ early, there is a penalty of €15. 
  4. Your card will be automatically charged 1 day before your renewal. 
  5. Once you opt in, its on you to opt out, we cannot do it on your behalf. This can be done on our website. ( WWW.beatboxboxingclub.com).
  6. Sales/ Training credits are non transferrable or refundable.
  7. Trainers and training rooms are subject to change from time to time.
  8. €75/ €99 ( Any Beatbox intro) and €149 ( Semi private PT intro ) are 1 month intro offers. Beat box moves to €149 and Semi Private €199 after month 1 intro offer. This is the normal recurring price. Partner Promo ( beatBox) is €170 month one and moves to €250 ( €125 x 2) after month one.
  9. If you opt of of a membership early or break a membership, there is an admin fee of €15.00.
  10. Anything cancelled within 2 hour of class start, the credit is used.
  11. If you refer a client to use and they sign up you get €20 credited to your account. The new client must buy a membership in order for the new credits to be valid. €10 credit if you refer someone and they buy a flexi pack of 3+ credits. This does not include pay as you go.
  12. If you require a membership freeze, please see the ‘ book’ page of our websites. Membership freezes are handled solely by the client and not the gym. A membership freeze is subject to approval and must be over 4 weeks in duration.
  13. To opt out of your rolling subscription, the ‘opt out’ notice is 1 month in writing. Click the ‘ Opt Out button’ on The ‘Book’ page of our website. This is the only form of ‘opt out’ accepted. Whatsapp’s/ verbal don’t suffice.  Once you ‘opt in’ you must ‘opt out’ of a membership or you will be charged. Opt outs are handled solely by the client and not by the gym. ( GDPR Guidelines)
  14. The cancellation policy on Personal Training sessions is 24 hours. You cancel Semi Private or Boxing Classes up to 1 hour before the session. ( Please cancel as early as possible as we have a waiting list).
  15. If you repeatadly book sessions and don’t turn up you get a ‘ strike’ against you every time you don’t come. If you do this twice in a 4 week month, your account is frozen until you contact us to unfreeze it.
  16. We strictly operate a pre book class system, if you do not pre book a class, you can’t just turn up, as this effects class quality, equipment usage and trainer quality.
  17. If you sign back up to a membership once broken, you may forfeit your previous customer discount.
  18. As part of our business we live stream ( at least 50%) of our classes weekly). Please be aware that some, not all, of our classes are streamed across youtube, neou, instagram and facebook.

Thanks, James Murphy. Owner, BeatBox Gym

Top of the ‘timetable’ page. -> Client Profile -> Bookings -> Select specific class -> Cancel.

Yes. We can scale the workouts for anyone from injured, to beginners to seasoned vets!

We have 40+ classes weekly. The timetable is on the ‘ book’ page. We have AM, lunch & PM classes.

The memberships auto renew every 4 weeks. It is an ‘opt in’ , ‘ opt out’ service.


Pay as you go does not require an opt in and does not auto renew.

You can cancel any time 2 hours before a PM/ Lunch class ( Eg cancel any time before 3pm for a 5pm class) and 9pm for morning classes.

A ‘ No Show’ Is when you book a class and don’t turn up or cancel.

A late cancellation is when you try and cancel within the 2 hour period.

For either of these instances, you are deducted a class credit.