monthly subscriptions

3 classes Monthly

39.99 Billed monthly
  1. Payments auto renew every 28 days. 
  2. Minimum 2 month contract on all ‘ recurring subscriptions’.
  3. Once you subscribe, you must unsubscribe from this subscription.
  4. Subscriptions are time based, once a subscription is started by a member, it is running , we cannot make any refunds or amendments on that basis.
  5. All subscriptions are time based ( 28 days) and not the class passes based. Its up to the individual to user their passes within the time frame, unused passes expire.
  6. Joining club fee is €9.99. This applies for new members and also anyone re joining from a broken membership. ( Unpaid fees or re joining). For each and every re join.
  7. All subscriptions are 28 day rolling contracts.
  8. No show fees apply on ‘unlimiter’ ( Only) plans, are outlined in detail below. ( Per no show).
  9. This is a recurring subscription service.
  10. You can always trade up/ down or ask about availing of any special offers, however, you must ask us and opt into any offers, we cannot simply amend a customers membership without their permission. Always message us with any questions you have,
  11. If payment bounces back from the bank on your account, your account will be frozen until payment is made. Once payment is made, your account will be reactivated and you can book classes again.
  12. If membership is unsubscribed, expiry reverts back to the original 4 weeks for all remaining accumulated passes.
  13. Memberships are non transferrable or refundable to other people.
  14. The ‘opt out’ policy is any time before 2 weeks of your next renewal date. 
  15. Memberships are subject to change from time to time. We can amend or change memberships at our discretion.

5 classes monthly

59.99 billed monthly
save €12

8 classes monthly

79.99 billed monthly
save €12


99.99 billed monthly
free gloves
Unlimiter T&Cs



  • Minimum 2 month contract
    You agree that if you purchase a recurring subscription with BeatBox Boxing Club that you agree to abide by the specific terms of use regarding that membership.
  • By breaking any of the terms of use, you may forfeit getting this special offer on a monthly basis.
    You agree to abide by our ‘opt in’ and ‘opt out’ policy.
  • You agree that if there is money owed to BeatBox, that you will honour your payments during your use of the specific membership.
  • If a membership bounces back or is uncollectable, you agree to pay within 24 hours, failure to pay means your account will be frozen until payment is made. ( Any interim time elapsed comes off your rolling 28 day contract).
  • You agree that even if you do not use the membership due to your own holidays, inability to train etc ( For whatever reason), that you agree to maintain your payments as is reasonable to do so.
    You also agree to treat Beatbox with fairness, if membership subs are owed, you will honour these fees.

– Non membership payments/ ‘no show’/ Bounced back payment result in account being frozen until successful payment is made.
-Payments are to be received within 24 hours once a ‘ uncollectable’ invoice is sent to the client.
– No discounts or codes can be used with this membership.

  • We go for payment 24 hours before renewal to make sure payment is complete on the day of renewal. 

– This is a rolling 28 day membership contract that auto renews every 28 days.

  • Minimum 2 month contract
  • This membership requires ‘ opt in’/ ‘ opt out’.
  • The opt out is 2 weeks pre next renewal.
    ( The only place to OPT OUT is here
  • You can train between either studio location.

– Each no show is a €5.50 charge thereafter, ( A ‘no show’ a class that is for whatever reason a class booked and not attended. We cannot not take into account; lifestyle choices, transport issues, meetings, accidental bookings social outings, sickness/ illness or any other reason for a no show ).
– Each no show is charged at the end of each day, A failure to pay a no show or a payment request bounce back means a frozen account until the no show is paid. ( the interim time still works off your 28 day rolling membership and will not be added on).
– Cancels are the sole responsibility of the client, we do not cancel classes on clients behalf.

– You can book up to 10 days into the future
– Unlimited class usage per month ( Does not apply to private lessons).

– ( Max 1 class per day)
– Passes are non transferrable or refundable
– There is no pass carry over as this is an unlimited offer on a rolling 28 day basis.
– 1 Pass = 1 class

– If a membership is not honoured ( Missed payments ( More then 1 ) repeatadly, payments are not kept up, or repeated early opt outs/ opt outs etc, we may refuse renewal of this membership or special offers. It is at the studios’ discretion for renewals or refusals to renew or apply special offers.

Unlimiter- No Show Fees Tiers

  • 7am: €7.5
  • 750am: €5.50
  • 12pm: €5.50
  • 1pm: €7.5
  • 530/ 545pm: €7.5
  • 630/ 645pm: €7.5
  • 730/ 745pm: €5.50
  • Weekends & Bank Holidays are considered peak times also.



  1. Does not auto renew.
  2. No joining fees
  3. Expiry is specific to each individual pack
  4. Passes expire as per the T&C of each individual pack. 
  5. PAYG passes cannot be extended past expiry date.
  6. Passes are non transferrable or refundable to others.
  7. PAYG memberships are time based, not class passes based.

3 classes


5 classes


10 classes

1-1 training


TRIAL ( €50 Normal Price)
45 5 Week Expiry from purchase date
  1. Does not auto renew.
  2. Expiry from purchase date
  3. Passes expire as per the T&C of each individual pack. 
  4. PAYG passes cannot be extended past expiry date.
  5. Passes are non transferrable or refundable.
  6. The cancellation policy is outside of 24 hours from class start time. 
  1. Get rewarded every time someone uses your code.


50 Minutes
50 Sold in blocks of 3


220 5 Week Expiry


If payment bounces back from the bank on your account, your account will be frozen until payment is made. Once payment is made, your account will be reactivated and you can book classes again. You can also re book any classes that were cancelled.

Subscriptions are time based and as such, once a membership is running, we cannot amend or make refunds.

Subscriptions recur every 28 days

Noirmal gym wear would suffice. Track suits, shortas runners etc. You can also train in your barefoot/ socks should you wish

For liability reasons, we do not allow patrons to park bikes on the premises. Bike and car parking is ‘ on street’ parking as we are a city centre location.

– If you miss a class, your class credit is deducted. We close the main studio door at class start time to make sure everyone has wrapped up, has gloves and is prepared for the warm up. 

Boxing is an impact sport, so we want to minimise the chances of injury by making sure all our clients are warmed up and  have adequate preparation pre class, Please turn up on time.

– Unfortunately we cannot amend class booking or move participants within the cancellation period.

If your credits expire or if you try and book outside of a membership cycle or pay as you go cycle, the standard ‘ drop in’ class charge is €20 per drop in.

When booking a class and you have valid passes, in the pricing section it will say ‘ deduct 1 pass’, if you have no valid credits, you will be auto charged the drop in fee. Please be vigilant when booking a ‘ drop in’ class as there are no refunds on payments.

This means the class is full and you are in reserve for a spot. 

We have a max number of 5 spots per class. Once it becomes full a wait list is created. 

If you are on the waitlist and someone cancels,  the list of people get notified a spot is available, whoever books first gets the spot.

Yes, If you would like to get a discounted trial pass, whatsapp James on 085 1766 709. Or if you are on a recurring membership, you get 1 free guest pass per month. This only applies to current active memberships. The guest each month has to be a new guest also.

Yes, we offer 1-1 boxing or personal training coaching. It consists of pads, technique work and drills. We can also do a bespoke food plan for you and your needs.

We have 1  shower in our Leeson St Studio and none in our Merrion Square Studio.

If you book and ‘ no show’ 3 or more classes, your account automtatically becomes locked. Email us or Whatsapp us to unlock it. 

5 Hours before  lunch & Evening class & 12 hours before an AM class. Weekend the cutoff for cancellation is 7pm the day before.

How to cancel a class:> Client Profile -> Bookings -> Select specific class -> Cancel.

First of all, all ‘recurring memberships’ auto renew every 4 weeks. Memberships are time based, not class passes based.

The unsubscribe for recurring memberships is 2 weeks pre renewal date. You can unsubscribe here.

If you unsubscribe from a recurring membership, your credits are to be used within the original 4 week expiry or 4 weeks expiry from last renewal. ( This includes any carry over unused passes from previous months, regardless of the total amount of passes, the 4 week expiry applies).

If fees are outstanding, your account is frozen from booking until the membership has been paid. 

Regardless of covid, travel, holidays etc the agreement for membership ( An Opt In/ Opt Out Membership) is the enforceable rule. All recurring memberships auto renew every 4 weeks.

The most important thing is we want our clients to be happy. Always contact us to try and resolve any issues you may have. We are always glad to chat and come to an agreement regarding memberships.

You can simply ‘ opt in/ out’ as you wish. The opt out is 2 weeks pre renewal date. Rather then offer pauses, we have a short and simple opt in and out clause on recurring memberships. 

If you opt out of a membership, you have 4 weeks to use all accumulated passes. You can also opt back in if you wish to do so.

If you are ‘ opting out’ of a membership, you do not get the benefits going past your membership expiry point. ( 4 weeks post last payment date). If at any time you cancel your recurring membership with us, you lose your accumulated bonus reduction. Also, any unused credits, ( which includes carry over) the original 4 weeks expiry applies from final payment date

– Memberships auto renew every 4 weeks ( Or depending on your plan). It is an ‘opt in” ->’ opt out’ service. 


– Pay as you go does not require an opt in/ opt and is a 1 off payment. 

Yes. We can scale the workouts for anyone from injured, to beginners to seasoned vets! Our workouts are challenging yet totally scalable for ‘ every level’. Our Class KO would be of a slightly higher level.

We have 40+ classes weekly. We have AM, lunch & PM classes.

We operate our business on a mutual respect basis. We will always strive to be fair, respectful and do everything we can for our customers. We also expect the same in return. If you ever have any queries regarding complaints, memberships or general queries, please get in touch.

Why OUR customers love our boxing classes

Majella Lavin
Majella Lavin
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"Love the place and the fact the classes are fast and furious! Great vibe and you definitely know you’ve worked out afterwards. Cool tunes are also a bonus" 🤗
Keith Grant
Keith Grant
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"Excellent! Great venue with low lighting for those who are self conscious. Great music, hugely motivational trainers that make sure you’re getting the most out of the sessions and short sets make the sessions fly by. Signing up is seriously one of the best decisions I have made."
Sezer Degerembasi
Sezer Degerembasi
Visiting From Dubai
Read More
" Best gym class I've ever been to".
Suzi Kutlesa
Suzi Kutlesa
Read More
" I have joined the club last week and for the first time in my life I am absolutely excited about exercising!! Great spot, fab music and James is just amazing! Got really good advices on how to do certain exercises the proper way! Can't recommend enough!!!!!!"
Claire Hickey
Claire Hickey
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"Couldn’t recommend beat box highly enough - Love the small, fast paced classes where you get all the attention and encouragement going. The format of these classes is great and James is consistently mixing it up, hooks you in from the first class". 💫
Mick Brett
Mick Brett
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"James bring great energy in a fun filled collegiate'll be sure to sweat loads!!! Great experience.:
Saoirse Waldron
Saoirse Waldron
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"Absolutely love these sessions! Beat box classes are buzzing with energy! Everyone is just having fun, and the style is really funky! Something different, that isn’t anywhere else in Dublin."
Alex Victoriu
Alex Victoriu
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"Highly recommended! The training is both intense and fun and the classes are accessible to beginners too. Go for it!"
Mozart Cristiano
Mozart Cristiano
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"Excellent coaches, great positive energy environment, where you have fun and reach your goals at the same time."
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'If you are looking for somewhere that you could feel awesome emotionally and physically BeatBox Boxing Club is a perfect place to get there!"