Our Boxing HIIT classes are a 40 minute mixture of boxing, bodyweight and weighted exercises. 

They are super fun, adaptable for your own level and a great fat burner! 

Suitable for both men and women of all ages, fitness levels and personalities.


What Is The Class: 50% boxing, 50% bodyweight training. More bodyweight exercises and less weights and slam balls.

Duration: 45 Minute Sessions.

Level: All levels


What Is The Class: Our classic BeatBox class. A mixture of boxing and strength training. Dumbells, abs and slam balls are on the menu. The workouts change daily in the gym, so you never get bored. 

Duration: 40 minute class. 

Level: Suitable All Levels.


What Is The Class: A slightly harder non stop 30 minute class The exercise changes every 45 seconds and is a mixture of bodyweight, boxing and abs. Less weights, more bodyweight intensity.

Duration: 30 minute class.  Non stop. Mixture of boxing and bodyweight exercises.

Level: You would need a base level of fitness ( as its a non stop class with no breaks). Suitable for male and female.


What Is Polar Club:

Get the most from each class! Every client has their own heart rate sensor.  This tells you how hard you work and your calories burned.

Get your own personalised data with calories burned, workout duration and a ‘live’ class scoreboard. You can track your performance week to week.


Duration: 40 Minute Sessions.

What Is The Class: Our classic boxing HIIT workout with a sprinkle of padwork. Even if you have never done pads before, fear not, we will show you the ropes.


Duration: 50 Minute Sessions.

What Is The Class: Less BeatBoxy and more technical. A slower, more technical boxing class geared around improving your technique.

Level: We will take you through the punches, combos, head movement and foot work to make sure your ‘ tekkers’ is on point. This is an all levels class.


Duration: 40 Minute Sessions.

What Is The Class: No boxing, all weights and strength based.

Perfect for someone who wants to get stronger, leaner and fitter.


What Is The Class: Each client has their own pair of boxing sensors which track your total punches, power and gamify a boxing class experience. 

Your work is projected into a class leaderboard. This class is more combos and boxing intensive then the classic HIIT class. 90% boxing and 10% abs

Duration: 40 minute class.

Level: Suitable All Levels, male and female.

Why OUR customers love our boxing classes

We Use the last boxing tech
in our ' in studio' classes